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Learn more about The 9th Annual National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair 2013!

The mission of The National Black Pre-Law Admissions & Preparation Conference and Law School Recruitment Fair is to provide a comprehensive national event designed specifically for aspiring Black lawyers.

Its purpose is to provide them with access to empowering information, resources, and contacts that will assist them in becoming more excellent, strategic, and competitive college students, law school applicants and law students. The bottom line – we want to help them prior to beginning their law school careers so they can have the “insider” information and connections they need to help them to be successful in their quests to become lawyers.

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During the past eight (8) years, the Conference has:

  • Registered over 2,200 pre-law students representing 426 cities, 36 states, 1 U.S. territory (U.S. Virgin Islands), 1 foreign country (Canada), and 250 undergraduate and 31 graduate colleges and universities
  • Attracted 180 ABA-approved law schools, the majority of U.S. law schools (There are 202 ABA-approved law schools.)
  • Hosted over 215 mock law school classes, clinics, workshops, panels, and other sessions
  • Featured 32 keynote speakers, 35 special guest speakers, and 359 community leaders, law students, lawyers, law school administrators, and judges who have served as featured panelists, moderators, and workshop presenters.
  • Garnered the support of 59 local, state and national elected officials, and key leaders of influential bar associations

Featured Alumni Spotlights

“I attended the conference in November 2010 and it has by far been the best pre-law event that I’ve attended. The information I received through the workshops and panels were invaluable. During the LSAT panel, I felt encouraged after being informed of the national average LSAT score for African Americans and for all test takers. Learning that the test was not one of intelligence, but of skills that could be learned gave me confidence that I could conquer the test. Being surrounded by so many African American judges, lawyers, and administrators was a breath of fresh air and an assurance that I too could join the ranks of Black lawyers. Had it not been for the conference, I don’t think that I would have walked away with the confidence I needed to navigate the admissions process nor would I have met a judge which led to me joining a local non-profit and a research opportunity for this summer. I was accepted to University of California, Berkeley, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, University of Pennsylvania, Duke, Georgetown, Cornell, and University of Southern California. None of that would be possible without the encouragement, amazing advice and instruction, and hope I received after attending the National Black Pre-Law Conference.”

– Chayla C. Jackson, Second-Year Law Student, Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC

“My name is Ashley Cloud. I am from Houston, Texas and graduated from the University of Houston in 2009. I’ve always known that I wanted to become a lawyer, but the real confirmation came when I attended The National Black Pre-Law Conference. I came across information about the conference while scrolling through twitter and quickly signed up for that upcoming conference. I didn’t know many people that were on the same path as me and I didn’t have anyone to turn to for guidance and felt that I would find some sense of relief by attending the conference. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised. After the last day of the conference, I knew in my heart that I would and could go to law school and become a successful lawyer. Even though I already had my own reasons for wanting to become a lawyer, after learning about the lack of black attorneys and the need for them, I knew that I had no other choice but to do this. Our community needs us more than most people know.

I took the LSAT that December, but did not do nearly as well as I knew that I was capable of. I took a break from it, worked full time, and began studying again that next July. I took the LSAT again and did even better than I could have imagined. I felt that if I wouldn’t have gone to the conference and talked to people who did their best and are now seeing the results of that, I may have settled for my first score and gotten into any school that would accept me in the surrounding Houston areas.

After getting my new scores back and attending the conference and law school fair again, I decided to broaden my horizons and apply to schools that I wouldn’t have even dreamed of getting into. Of the 14 or so schools that I applied to, I got accepted to all but about 4 of them, some of which offered awesome scholarships!

After much deliberation, I’ve recently decided to study law at Howard University School of Law in Washington, DC and I am extremely excited about it. I really don’t feel that I would have the confidence in myself or the motivation that I have if it wasn’t for The National Black Pre-Law Conference. Before the conference, I was only thinking inside the box, but now I feel that I can accomplish anything that I really work hard for and put my all into. I urge anyone who is interested in law school to attend the conference. The experience will push you to go for your dreams and take away any doubt that you can’t do this. You can do it and it can become a reality. I am living proof of that!”

- Ashley Cloud, Second-Year Law Student, Howard University School of Law (Washington, DC)

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A Special Message from Conference Founder Evangeline M. Mitchell, Esq.